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Google SEO

Discussion in 'Google' started by Rash Khan, Feb 5, 2020.

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    What are the best ways to increase visibility of my new websites in the google search engine?
    I created 2 new following websites and I am not an expert. By learning I found I need to do SEO in order to promote my websites in google search engine.
    Websites are:
    Canadian Citizenship Test: https://canadian-citizenship-test.net/
    YouTube to MP3 Juice: https://youtubetomp3juice.net/
    Rash Khan, Feb 5, 2020 IP
  2. Mike7787

    Mike7787 Peon

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    I think there's plenty of info about this topic on these forum threads. I am a newcomer myself and some of the few core principles for visibility in search engines are:
    1. create unique content
    2. Make sure to put keywords in headers and metadescription (yoast plugin for wordpress), moderately - yoast gives instructions
    3. implement improvement ideas from SEO audit tools (semrush, ahrefs etc)
    4. Submit your sitemap to google search console
    5. Share posts on social media, linking to your sites
    6. comment on other sites, promote your website and add links if possible
    7. Check where your competitors get their high quality backlinks and try to get similar

    In general, if you have a good performing website and great content, focus on the onpage SEO with the help of plugins and audit tools. I know this is not a great answer but I hope someone more experienced can add some more insights. Like I said, I am fairly new to this myself.
    Mike7787, Feb 5, 2020 IP
  3. KTabaie

    KTabaie Peon

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    Hi Rash,

    There are a number of ways to increase your "visibility" and I believe this has all been covered in other threads in the past.

    I suggest having a read through Brian Dean's training and backlink building strategies found on https://backlinko.com/

    I am no expert but may I suggest doing the following:

    Make sure you have relevant keywords in your tags that are associated with your products
    content content content! Make your website stand out, create great content that beats your competitors.
    Get backlinks from authority websites relevant to your niche. The more backlinks you find, the better.
    Guest posting - Find articles in your niche and post comments that add value to the discussion. Do not spam for the sake of trying to acquire quick links.
    Be patient! It can take time for google to index your pages.

    Good luck!
    KTabaie, Feb 5, 2020 IP
  4. James Rawls

    James Rawls Greenhorn

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    SEO on Google can be leveraged in multiple ways, some of the most basic ways to perform SEO are as follows:
    - Do proper keyword research for your niche and industry
    - Optimize your meta, title and description tags
    - Use Paid ads as well to reach your targeted audiences
    - Use tools like Moz, SEMrush, Keywords Everywhere etc to stay updated about the latest SEO trends
    - Produce Quality Content
    - Integrate keywords into your content as well
    - Use blog posting sites to get backlinks
    - Promote your content on social media platforms
    James Rawls, Feb 5, 2020 IP