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Google Plus Business Page and new "Website" offer?

Discussion in 'Google+' started by Nigan, Feb 10, 2020.

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    Hello everyone,,
    I have Google+ for my business. I checked the email of the G+ stats the other day and decided to go to the Google My Business dashboard page. On the left side are a number of links but toward the bottom there is a "Website" link. When I click on that I'm invited to personalize and then launch the "Website" page and there is a domain name suggestion along with a price of $12 (and some other prices).

    What is this? Is this for a new website separate from the G+ page? Or is it a unique G+ page? Also, has anyone used this in the past? I can't fins any info or help section for the "Website" link on the My Business dashboard page. I'd be a bit more inclined to purchase something if I knew it was something of Google's and not some 3rd party.
    Nigan, Feb 10, 2020 IP