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Google optimize doesn't show me any reports

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by lowriderzzz, Mar 27, 2020.

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    Hi! I have set a Google Optimize experience (A/B test) two days ago, yet it still doesn't display me any results (reporting). I use that tool for the first time and was wondering should I wait for until the whole period that it is scheduled for to complete or maybe there is an error that I have made somewhere along the way. On the diagnosis, the button says that everything is OK.
    Screenshot below.

    Thank you :)
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    lowriderzzz, Mar 27, 2020 IP
  2. AnalyticsExpert

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    Wonder what is the status of this. Did you got the results in Google Optimize?

    From my experience this usually happens when the experiment is new and not enough time has passed since it's creation but after about 4 hours you should see data in Google Optimize. You can read about this issue in this article https://analyticshelp.io/blog/google-optimize-redirect-test-qa/ but the basic idea is that data is first sent to Google Analytics, then to Google Optimize, thus data in GA appears sooner than in Optimize.
    AnalyticsExpert, Jun 29, 2020 IP