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Google maps / URL links?

Discussion in 'PHP' started by scm22ri, Jun 27, 2012.

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    Hey Everyone,

    I have a two part question.

    I have a two part question. In my first address I had to manually delete the "http://" in my mysql database in order for the URL map link to work. In my second address I choose not to delete the "http://" off in my mysql database and URL map link isn't working. Is there a function in php I can use that will automatically delete a certain number of letters and a : How would I write that code within my below script?

    My second question is, do I have need to have a map address URL in my database to provide a user with a google map. Can I somehow dynamically have a link to the google map without having the info in my database?


    scm22ri, Jun 27, 2012 IP
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    1. Looks sloppy. A quick hack is putting these two lines above echo("\t<tr>\n"); line
    $address = str_replace("http://http://","http://",$address);
    $state = str_replace("http://http://","http://",$state);

    2. You do not need to have the link hard-coded in your database to provide a valid Google Maps resource. These can be easily built dynamically from your already extant datasets.
    Custom IDX/MLS, Jun 28, 2012 IP