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Google Index getting smaller much smaller

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by swapshop, Jun 22, 2006.

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    We have a site Swapshop.co.nz thats been around for 2-3 years. We have
    around 2000+ pages all with different tags, title and content.

    Started to use google site maps and site:www.swapshop.co.nz has gone
    from 38,400 to 548.

    Our site map is in xml and we use a mod rewrite to product a better url
    that details.php?site=888 to 888.htm via .htaccess.

    Our site gets crawled by most SEs every day and some do 800+ pages.

    Our issue is this google site maps present all our advert details pages
    but none of these for 2-3 months are being indexed at all yet our
    catergory pages index?catid=888 are happily indexed.

    Checked the crawl stats, http errors etc but cant see any issue. The
    index.php catergory page as well as the advert details.php page remove
    the session IDs but only idex?catid= seems to work.

    Why are the pages submitted to google not showing and the pages not
    submitted via the google site map show?

    We generate a txt, xml rewritten map every hr and a non rewritten txt,
    xml but only submit the rewritten xml

    Any advice would be great the site is http://www.swapshop.co.nz
    Site map is verfiled and working.

    DC: indexed: 551
    DC: indexed: 552
    DC: indexed: 552
    DC: indexed: 522
    DC: indexed: 551
    DC: indexed: 552
    DC: indexed: 552
    DC: indexed: 8,410

    As above why so different?
    swapshop, Jun 22, 2006 IP