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Google image search worthless ?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by tompk242, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Can I have a question about google image search please ?
    When you research keyword by google keyword tool, market samurai...etc...
    The volume search is only web search or it's web search and image search together ?

    Ex: Exactly local monthly search for "Iphone 5" is 3,350,000
    So how much volume search by web search and image search? Some people want to get detail about new iphone , another want to see image..
    I read on many forums that visit from Image search is worthless , they just need images and nothing else. They download image from google image search and they leave , your visit increase but bounce rate increase also. Can you sale something from that visit ?

    I am targeting a keyword that exact local search is 5000
    But I am not sure 5000 search by web search or by image search(worthless). I think the 40-50% traffic come form this keyword by google image search.
    Did I have wrong keyword research ? Because I want to make money with Adsense or Amazon...

    Anybody have experience on this problem ? Help me please.
    tompk242, Apr 15, 2012 IP