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Google Directory

Discussion in 'Directories' started by Foxy, Oct 9, 2004.

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    Double Standards - Duplicate content - Read on about Googles Directory Listings

    Check this out for "ski france"

    There is only 1, no 8 for Chamonix, out of the first 10 that is not a directory in one form or another.

    Check out no 3 www.skifrance.com when you click on chamonix it gives you a fully home written page.
    Click on the next heading and it takes you to the resort site they do not even bother with a "home page".

    Then check out SERP no 4 www.skifrance.com/HomePage.html[its the same page ...duplicate content...no less], click on Chamonix and it gives you a come-on bridging ad page which, if you then goto Chamonix, takes you to .....yes the same page as before.

    Click on the others and you get the bridge advert comeon page and then off to the resort's own site.

    Is this, or is this not, a complete showing of Googles failure?

    You all must have examples of this - please start listing them - as it shows the total irrelevance of Google as a search engine.

    If Google knew what it was doing then each of these Resorts would be listed individually not needing the first 7 slots filled with directories doing what Google should be doing! :eek:
    Foxy, Oct 9, 2004 IP