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Google Copyright Lawyer Nukes His Blog

Discussion in 'Google' started by Taiwan, Aug 7, 2008.

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    This is very interesting. Google's copyright lawyer, William Patry has shut down his copyright blog. He has deleted all posts. He has claimed that people had a hard time allowing him to have a personal blog for copyright and kept mixing up his job for Google with his blog.

    Based on what he said, commentators on his blog/discussion site and the depressing state of copyright today caused him to delete his site. Why not just turn off the comments? Is there something more sinister behind this? Why did he delete all of the old posts as well? This reeks of conspiracy...

    ****These are not my sites*****

    Patry Story

    Here is a link to his last and only remaining post.

    Patry Blog
    Taiwan, Aug 7, 2008 IP
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    hah, interesting indeed.
    mill123, Aug 7, 2008 IP