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Google Cloud and Hosting

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by Jeremy Benson, Feb 8, 2021.

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    I'm trying to understand big data hosting. As far as I know the hosts like Hostgator, Site5, are only tailored for small/medium websites. Hostgator told me they didn't have reseller hosting for 12 million GBs. Though I wasn't even asking a reseller question, just storage for one site. I know with Site5 pricing as they advertise 12 million gigs would cost around 4 million.

    I learned about Google Cloud, lol. I'm a bit slow here. My question is, when the files go to Google Cloud, do they end up on my server first, temporarily? Would HostsGator count that 12 million gigs passing through to Google Cloud as storage? That would be a large bill (Hosting) on top of a smaller bill (Google Cloud.)
    How does big hosting work, and where does one start when they are planning a website that can grow to any size?

    Thank you.
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    Jeremy Benson, Feb 8, 2021 IP