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Google chrome adblocker

Discussion in 'Google' started by 99james99, May 17, 2017.

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    Does anyone thinks google will really add the adblocker feature to the chrome browser like was published a couple of weeks ago?
    99james99, May 17, 2017 IP
  2. AlphaNine_Vini

    AlphaNine_Vini Active Member

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    Possible yes, to block phishing sites and unwanted popup ads. Chrome wants to increase their trust with users. I see an Ad even promoting Ad blocker for Chrome advertised by Google. Right now they are promoting to add a plugin for the chrome.
    AlphaNine_Vini, May 17, 2017 IP
  3. billzo

    billzo Well-Known Member

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    What Google is doing is attempting to control the type of advertising that is on the internet. And not surprisingly, it will be Google alone which will determine the type of advertising that is "acceptable" and will not be blocked and which is not acceptable and will be blocked.

    No surprises, but Google will not be blocking its own advertising, but will block plenty of other advertising. Ads considered "unacceptable": pop-unders, interstitials, prestitials, "large sticky ads", auto-playing video or sound ads. But Google's text link ads are not considered "unacceptable".

    The only people worthy to deem advertising acceptable or not are the visitors to websites. If a website has ads that I find objectionable (such as anything that moves the content after loading or blocks out the entire screen such as email sign-up forms), I no longer visit that website. But now Google will determine which ads to block in its Chrome web browser.

    So now webmasters will have to ditch their ads and go to? Ah yes, Google-style text link ads with their notoriously low click-through rates.

    Perhaps webmasters should start blocking Google Chrome users? If Google is going to kill my pop-under revenue, why should I serve Chrome users content? Just block them.


    billzo, Jun 2, 2017 IP
  4. 99james99

    99james99 Greenhorn

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    What about google ads in youtube? it's prestitial ads with countdown, exactly what they said they will block.
    99james99, Jun 5, 2017 IP