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Google Base Feed ... no longer showing products...

Discussion in 'Shopping' started by thedarkest1666, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Hi, need a little help. My google shopping feed appears to be inserting products fine, however, no products are being shown in google shopping.

    I've had this issue in the past when Google have changed the required fields and info you submit, and I had my developer fix it and resubmit. Right now my technical guy is off getting married, so I need someone to help get the feed reuploaded and showing in google base fine.

    thedarkest1666, Mar 28, 2012 IP
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    google base / google shopping what ever they call it these days, will accept your feed without so much as an error , if the feed itself is 'valid'.

    However, your products will not apear in google product search unless you take the time to categorise your products in the google taxonomy ( by department )

    Thus , your file is being uploaded and 'accepted as having no errors' however , your products wont be shown because you are missing information like taxonomy.

    google product attributes & taxonomy explained >[video=youtube_share;xr8Fjrz5PSw]http://youtu.be/xr8Fjrz5PSw[/video]
    Gifts From Scotland, Apr 16, 2012 IP