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Google Banned My AdWords Account At Request Of Government

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by Carl Madison, Nov 23, 2017.

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    Has anyone else had their AdWords account banned for life for a suspicious excuse and feel the real reason for the ban was because of race, political views or something of that sort??
    I think one of such reasons was really why my account was banned. I do have anti government websites up though I don't say or advocate anything illegal. And you know what? They asked for it! Since then, I've occasionally experienced large corporations banning my accounts and giving me BS reasons. So I'm pretty sure this is why my account was banned. Google is one of the many corporations Edward Snowden listed as having been recruited by the US government to spy on you. So if you use Gmail, all copies of all your emails probably go directly to a government database, nullifying their privacy policy.

    I want to file a lawsuit. If anyone has had similar experiences with Google feels that the real reason they banned your account was sinister, I think you should pay attention to your feeling. Please contact me so I can have evidence and support in pressing class action lawsuits.

    Carl Madison, Nov 23, 2017 IP
  2. sevvy

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    What keywords did you bid on?
    Did you bid on keywords for specific people?
    sevvy, Jan 27, 2018 IP