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Google Analytics - Visitor Loyality

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by Rirath, Oct 1, 2006.

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    Alright folks, this is killing me. I'm running Google Analytics on a new site, and the visitor loyalty data really looks screwy.

    Google Analytics is saying that I have over 40 people who's visited my site more than 9 times, and 22 who's been by 26-50. Yet, when you compare this to the geo map, you can clearly see aside from one spot in California (a friend), nobody else has that kind of visit rate. And the friend uses only one or two IP addresses depending on location, not 40 or 20.

    The big dot in CA represents about 34 visits. The rest are mostly 1's.

    So, where the heck is Google pulling these loyalty numbers from? Shouldn't it be obvious on the map if it were true? I wish Analytics gave you the ability to drill down this information to specific IPs. It feels so nerfed in some ways. Powerful, free, but just so dang vague sometimes.

    Rirath, Oct 1, 2006 IP
  2. slinky

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    Welcome to the party pal. I have been racking my brain on Analytics. Some of the data just makes no sense. I have yet to understand why almost every example I have seen shows the same general shape to this graph. 9-14 is where things pick up, even if I change the date range. When I use the total date range I have far more visitors than absolute uniques so it makes no sense to me.
    slinky, Oct 17, 2006 IP