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Google Analytics, Pardot, Salesforce & WordPress Web forms...HELP!

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by sb-sm-me, Dec 6, 2019.

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    Hi everyone,

    Bit of a complex one and there seems to be no easy solution. If anyone else has any tips or tricks please feel free to share them.

    We have a complex set up and there is a decided unwillingness to rectify it, so I am stuck with what I've got.

    We have a WordPress website which currently uses Ninja Webforms which are handled by pardot form handlers. We are developing a new website which will have pardot forms as iframes to allow for better and more precise conversions tracking but that is a couple of months off.

    We use Salesforce as our CRM but have never been able to use GA to map lead source fields on web forms that come in from the website.
    Essentially, what we want to do is track web form completions through analytics, pardot and salesforce as one.

    The is what happens currently when someone comes to the website and fills in a web form:

    • Person comes to the web and is tracked by GA until they land on a form, then GA picks up no data after that. At the moment, that is what is classed as a conversion through use of goals in our GA because Ninja forms do not allow you to embed code into the 'thank you' message so submission is not tracked.
    • However, from this point, pardot form handler takes over and marks the form as complete. This then sends a message to salesforce with the source as 'web'.
    Any data from GA about source is comepletly overwritten and lost.

    Since then, we have implemented GA connector into salesforce but so far no good.

    I would like to know if anyone else has encountered this problem of getting GA-Pardot-Salesforce to work together seamlessly?
    sb-sm-me, Dec 6, 2019 IP