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Google AdSense Messages To Publishers: Create Google+ Page

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by seni2com, Jul 23, 2012.

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    google-adsense-google--1331731504.png Google AdSense MessageWe all know how important Google+ is to Google. Heck, we have seen the news stories recently of Googlers leaving over it.

    Google is now sending messages to Google AdSense publishers as "recommendations" that they should add Google+ pages to help monetize their own web sites.

    The message reads:


    Create a Google+ page

    Creating a Google+ page brings you closer to your audience by letting you have real conversations with the right people, connecting you face to face, and making it easy for people to recommend you on Google search.

    One person cited the irony in this "recommendation" saying "Worth noting that although it's posted as a "recommendation" there's no information or suggestion that it would impact your Adsense account in any way."

    Come on Google, relax on Google+ a bit and let the social layer socially be accepted organically. Just like how you tell webmasters to chill out on link development. Seems like these are artificial ways to boost Google+, why not make it better so people switch like you did with Google search?
    seni2com, Jul 23, 2012 IP
  2. zelgly2

    zelgly2 Well-Known Member

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    yes it is true. They even send this message 6 months back to my account
    zelgly2, Jul 25, 2012 IP