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Good Value Headers, Logos and Ebook Covers to Enhance your Website(s)

Discussion in 'Design' started by Arthur1, Jul 17, 2011.

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    "A picture is worth a thousand words." How often have you heard that said. Well here you can get great graphics for your website.

    A Logo. You can easily pay over $100 for a Logo. Here you can get a great logo for a fraction of the price.

    A Header Lots of you have blog sites. The header is the first thing a visitor to your site sees. Is your header a turn on or a turn off? Here you can get a professionally made header at really good value.

    An Ebook Cover OK so you've got an Ebook, either one you created yourself or one you've rebranded from a PLR product. Without an image of an Ebook Cover nobody is going to notice your product.

    I have found for you the professionals who can transform the look of your website. You don't have to spend hours searching for the right graphics expert.

    In my team are 9 professional graphics specialists.

    3 offer to make you a logo

    3 different ones offer to make you a header

    3 different ones again offer to make you an Ebook Cover

    So here's the deal

    Logo - Your Choice of Professional to create your Logo - $12

    Header - Your Choice of Professional to create your website header - $12

    Ebook Cover - Your Choice of Professional to create your Ebook Cover - $12

    All Payments are through PayPal

    Here's the link for the 3 sample Logos Here

    Here's the Link for the 3 sample Headers Here

    Here's the link for the 3 sample Ebook Covers Here

    Have a look at the samples, choose which professional you want
    Logo: A, B or C
    Header: A, B or C
    Ebook Cover: A, B or C

    Header - If you are ordering a Header then we will need the following information:
    Size of header required in pixels - height and width
    Any text you want including a title
    Any colors you want
    Any Fonts you want
    Any images you want included - upload any you want
    Optional the URL so that the designer can match the header to the rest of the website

    Ebook Cover - If you are ordering an Ebook cover please provide the following information:
    Website URL if you have one
    Ebook title
    Any text you want
    Any Image or Logo you want - uploaded
    Any special colors or fonts you want

    Logo - If you are ordering a Logo the we will need the following infomation:
    Info about the product/brand/company you want to promote. Any special qualities?
    Colors, Fonts, Images you want

    Please PM me with your order. I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange payment and delivery of the order will be within 5 days.

    Thank you
    Arthur1, Jul 17, 2011 IP