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Good Traffic Beauty/Nails Website For Sale

Discussion in 'Sites' started by FPForum, Jan 1, 2013.

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    I originally picked this domain up as a Godaddy Closeout back around October..It's been registered since 2009 and was also previously developed before I picked it up in auction.

    I decided to throw a blog on there and let my girlfriend make small posts about different nail designs with pictures..etc. Most of these designs she found images for on the web and then wrote custom posts around the images. There are currently 125 unique posts added on the site which were all written by her. The site also has a small Facebook page and Twitter account that will be included with the sale.

    I was surprised when we launched this site. It had a small amount of traffic coming into it already from previous development - but traffic has grown very nicely over the past couple of months. The site now gets decent regular traffic with quite a bit coming in from Google. Here are some traffic screenshots:
    Traffic One | Traffic Two | Traffic Three | Traffic Four | Traffic Five

    Revenue has increased since I started the blog but initially I didn't focus on much monetizing. The blog initially only had 1 468x60 adsense banner at the top and one 125x125 banner in the footer. Once I saw the spike in traffic through December I decided to try monetizing it a little more. I then added 4 125x125 maxbounty affiliate banners to the right side and an additional adsense 468x60 banner under each blog post. Here are some revenue screenshots:
    Revenue One

    BIN: $100
    FPForum, Jan 1, 2013 IP
  2. mmli

    mmli Active Member

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    Hello, nice site could see some potential here. Don't think the site as it is now with current rev is such a good buy. If you did think to offer out to auction, i would start things with $40
    mmli, Jan 4, 2013 IP
  3. FPForum

    FPForum Notable Member

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    Thanks for your post and offer mmli..I've already had a $50 offer on the site though.

    I've decided to drop the BIN price to $75..
    FPForum, Jan 4, 2013 IP