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Selling Good Starter - Bitcoin Currency Rate finder $10 BIN!!

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Fiverscripts, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. #1
    What does it do / information?
    Bitcoin is a hot niche/topic at the moment, i created this site as a good starter for someone. It is custom coded by myself.

    On a .today domain, great modern gTLD

    rates come in automatically and its got great potential for both growth and revenue!
    Advert locations are placed well and i can help the new buyer integrate their own advert in (dummy ads showing how it can be at the moment)

    it will get the current bitcoin rate per BTC on the main currencies.

    What do i get?

    - Website script
    - Great domain!
    - Help from me on setup etc.. check feedback i don't just sell and leave..

    Site is new so assume little traffic stats at the moment - great starter for someone especially with that modern.today name!

    $10 BIN

    Note: I have hidden this sale from search engines as not to affect rankings
    Fiverscripts, Dec 5, 2018 IP
  2. mytechiestuff

    mytechiestuff Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    88.2% - 15
    Can you please let me have an email address?
    Thank you for your time.
    mytechiestuff, Dec 12, 2018 IP
  3. Jerlene.net

    Jerlene.net Prominent Member

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    This actually looks promising. When does the domain expire?
    Jerlene.net, Dec 24, 2018 IP
  4. Fiverscripts

    Fiverscripts Moderator Staff

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    100% - 2
    Hi, thank you - it certainly is a good starter for someone :) - domain expires 04/12/2019
    Fiverscripts, Dec 27, 2018 IP