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Goals in google analytics?

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by sachin00, Jan 8, 2017.

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    Hi friends good evening
    I have a doubt about google analytics
    I tag my external link with google utm parameters to track external links... so now I know where my traffic exactly coming from but how can I assign goals to them to see my lead is convert to which traffic sources or link that it exactly came from..
    sachin00, Jan 8, 2017 IP
  2. sallydaniel28

    sallydaniel28 Peon

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    Goals in Google Analytics are used to measure whether your site or apps is fulfilling the target objectives or not. A goal is nothing but one complete activity that is known as conversion.
    It is the ultimate end of a buying cycle which starts from your SEO optimization, visit of the user who is impressed by the overall user-experience on your website and hence shows his interest in buying.
    Conversion is an important factor that contributes to the success of the business.That is why the main goal of any website is to improve conversion rate. Some examples of goals include completing a game level, buying on an e-commerce site, or filling up contact information form (lead generation) and so on.

    Defining Goals
    Just as any business needs to define its parameters for working and accomplishing set target, it is imperative for any digital analytics plan that the goals are defined first. If the goals are configured properly, you can easily get even the most critical information from the Google Analytics account related to your website.
    For example, you can easily find out the conversion rate as well as the number of conversions for your app or site once you have defined goals. Without goals, you cannot find out whether your marketing campaign is really as effective as you wanted it to be or not.

    How Do Goals Work?
    The configuration of goals is carried out at the view level. You can apply goals to screens or specific pages visited by the users to know how many screens/pages they viewed during their one session or how long they stayed on your app or site (engagement) and which events they triggered during their stay (the type of activities) and so on. Goals also have monetary value and let you find out whether the conversions were worth for your business growth or not.
    sallydaniel28, May 26, 2017 IP
  3. sabashahidsf46

    sabashahidsf46 Greenhorn

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    You can screen them, it is the best way.
    sabashahidsf46, May 31, 2017 IP