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Glossary of Internet Marketing Terms

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by zelthost, Jul 23, 2011.

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    Glossary of Internet Marketing Terms

    Affiliate Program - (also known as associate, reseller ,revenue sharing programs,partnership program.) a marketing program in which merchants sign up webmasters (or affiliates) to resell their product through banner, text or product links posted on their site for a specified commission.

    Affiliate - A web site partner that earns commissions for referring sales, leads, or click-throughs to a merchant.

    Bandwidth – Is a term that refers to the amount of data that has been sent out or received by a website. Few people realize that bandwidth has to be paid for. Therefore a site that gets 10 visitors a day is relatively cheap to operate. If the same site gets 1,000 visitors a day it can become expensive to operate. Many websites become victims of their own success because their bandwidth cost exceed their income.

    Banner Farm - An adult web page which contains nothing but banners. (See banners).

    Blur Console – Also known as a delayed popup. It’s a popup window that loads when a visitor enters a site and then hides itself. It will appear much later when the surfer is on another site.

    Cost Per Click - Payment system based on the number of users that click on the advertisement compared to the number of times it has been shown.

    CPM (cost per mille-thousand) - Popular model to base banner advertising rates for every thousand impressions.
    CPS (cost per sale) - Cost of advertisements, administration, and any other variables that led to a sale divided by the number of sales these efforts yield.

    CTR (click-through-rate) - The percentage of clicks for the number of banner impressions displayed.

    Impressions: The number of times a banner or link is viewed on a website.

    Link List – A site that has a list of links to other sites. Most link list require a reciprocal link back. Generally a link list

    Merchant: An online service or business that allows webmasters (or affiliates) to resell their product or service through banner, text or product links posted on their site for a specified commission.

    Niche – The category that best describes an adult site. There are hundreds of niches and fetishes. BBW, Interracial, Group Sex, Teen, Mature, Blonde, etc.

    Opt-in: Recipient of email communication is given the option to choose to be on a mailing list. Recipient must make the action to be included.

    Opt-out: The list coordinator makes the default for the recipient, to receive the communication via email but offers them the opportunity to remove themselves from the list.

    Partnership: Programs which pay you a percentage of each signup or sale referred from your site.

    Pay Per Click: An affiliate program commission structure where a merchant pays for any unique visitor referrals by an affiliate site.

    Pay Per Lead: An affiliate program commission structure in which a flat commission is paid when a qualified lead is referred to a merchant’s site.

    Pay Per Sale: An affiliate program commission structure that pays affiliates for sales resulting from their affiliate link.

    Reciprocal Link – A link placed onto a web page that sends traffic to a web site that has a link back. Also referred to as a link swap.

    Spam: Unsolicited e-mail sent to individuals who have never opted-in or subscribed.

    Terms of Service (TOS): Terms and conditions that illustrate the relationship between a merchant and an affiliate.

    Top List – A website that has ranked list of other sites. These sites ranked by the amount of traffic that the site has sent to the top list site. The sites sending the most traffic will be ranked at the top of the list and get the most traffic back.

    Thumbnail – A very small picture. When it is clicked on, it will usually open the full size version of the same picture.

    Two-Tier: An affiliate program commission structure that allows existing affiliates to actively recruit other affiliates below them to make an additional commission if the new affiliate makes a sale.
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