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Getting Traffic To A New Site

Discussion in 'General Business' started by MobileInternet, May 6, 2014.

  1. Garry_West

    Garry_West Greenhorn

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    If you need fast traffic, you need PPC>
    Garry_West, May 14, 2014 IP
  2. John Pagulayan

    John Pagulayan Member

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    Here's a --- day traffic plan that you can simply follow and to avoid being overwhelmed.

    Before you do this, make sure that you're website captures leads through an email service provider like GetResponse or Aweber. You can avail mailchimp for free and it would just be perfect what you're going to do to your website.

    Day 1 - create a giveaway or freebie than you can offer people who will visit your site to subscribe. It can be anything like free tips on how to do the perfect make up, or best make up for summer. It doesn't need to be long and exceptionally good to be accepted.

    Day 2 - Find the top 15 sites based on your keyword and genuinely comment on their most recent posts whether the site is (follow or no follow). So that would be one per site.

    Day 3 - Find at least 5 forums and comment or start a thread on at least once on each of them. Make sure that these forums will give you a chance to display your signature. If they won't give you that chance, ditch it.

    Day 4 - Write two articles (containing your keyword) and submit them to article submission sites like ezine. And on the author box, don't forget to put a link to your website.

    Day 5 - Write an article, this time for your website. Google loves fresh content.

    Day 6 - Create a Google plus account about your website and proactively add 50 people whom you think will be interested in what you have to offer. The good thing about Google plus is that it doesn't matter who adds who...if you post a message for everyone to see, they will see it even if they don't add you back unless they bothered to change their settings. Once you're finished adding them, post a link directing them to the article you just made.

    Day 7 - Create a fan page with the name 'I love cosmetics' or whatever your niche is. Then create a 'like' campaign for nothing more than $7. On your copy, just say.."Like cosmetics? Like us". These like campaigns DO take off. Adveritising doesn't mean spending a lot. Set your budget to $7 for a campaign and then try to get penny clicks.

    Now that you have likes, you can now post on your fan page and again direct them to your website.

    Day 8 - Remember the squeeze page you did before you started day 1? By now you should have by a minimum at least 10 people who signed up and subscribed granted that your freebie is valuable. For day 8 all you have to is send an email to your list or those who opted in to get traffic.

    For the next 5 days all you have to would be:
    Day 1 - comment on 15 sites
    Day 2 - comment on at least 5 forums
    Day 3 - write 2 articles for article submission
    Day 4 - write an article for your site
    Day 5 - Post a link on Google plus
    Day 6 - Post link to article on Fan page or put a viral photo for sharing (no need to advertise if you don't want to)

    Rinse and repeat. Do this continually and in a month you'll be surprised by how much visit your site is having.
    John Pagulayan, May 15, 2014 IP
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  3. Michael Leng

    Michael Leng Active Member

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    Yes, looks like my way

    Write more article
    Provide more article link to your footer of each about 10 for lead your guests to another article easily
    Try to use more gadget for making your blog lively
    Add video, image, YouTube, which relate to your blog
    Visit other blog and leave comment with your site signature.
    Michael Leng, May 16, 2014 IP
  4. John Fisihetau

    John Fisihetau Greenhorn

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    You could also use QR codes with offline marketing flyers or brochures that like to you site or to the YouTube videos
    John Fisihetau, May 27, 2014 IP
  5. Lord Akori

    Lord Akori Member

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    If you are low on funds and depending what your target niche is Craigslist & backpage would be a good place to start along with making a Facebook fan page, Twitter account and LinkedIn profile I personally would even go as far as making a Youtube channel for your site as well. Establishing your site's brand you will need to attack it from multiple angles.
    Lord Akori, May 28, 2014 IP