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Getting Started with Amazon Associates

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by igor999, Jun 12, 2007.

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    I want to put a list of Amazon books (maybe in a 5x2 table) on one SUBpage of my website. Something simple like the 3x4 table in http://amazonmusicoutlet.com/ . I want to avoid all the extra bells and whistle and hoopla that surrounds Astore and the store builder things. By now, you can understand how I want to keep my page as pristine as possible and avoid leaning or slanting towards an advertisement-driven site. Does Amazon require you to put down extra text or any kind of identity tagger that is displayed directly on your webpage? I'm certain I put my referral code in the HTML, I just want to steer away from crap listed on the page other tahn just the pictures of the books.

    So the first step is signing up with Amazon Associates then my application is qualified. What next? Do I just select the books I want displayed and a referral code is generated and I can throw it in a 5x2 table?

    Any insight is certainly appreciated.
    igor999, Jun 12, 2007 IP
  2. TechEvangelist

    TechEvangelist Well-Known Member

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    Once you are approved you will be able to log into the Amazon Associates site. You can generate links and product displays from there.

    If you just want to display a picture of a book, you can copy the image you want from the Amazon site and use a text link created in the Amazon Associates site to turn it into an image hyperlink. Some people like using JavaScript links to prevent search engines from following the links.

    It is pretty simple.
    TechEvangelist, Jun 15, 2007 IP
  3. silkenhut

    silkenhut Peon

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    @TechEvangelist, I may not be sure but from what I understand from your description, you want to have an Astore from amazon.

    You basically want to display a catalog of books right?
    silkenhut, Jun 19, 2007 IP