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Getting Started - technical questions

Discussion in 'Co-op Advertising Network' started by Bulldog San, Dec 3, 2004.

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    I just got an account to show ads on my site and have had trouble getting it to work. My site is hosted by Dreamhost and I use Frontpage to create pages and Notepad to create text files. When they're created on my machine, I FTP them to the folder on the Dreamhost server. I have to contact the administrator to even delete text files - there is a reason, but I don't quite understand it. Someone told me to use shell commands - I'm not sure what that is.

    Is there any chance I can get the ads running, or do I need to get smarter or call a professional?

    I love the concept and want to do it, but the .htaccess file I put in my web folder yesterday (first attempt) brought my site down until I deleted all the text.
    Bulldog San, Dec 3, 2004 IP
  2. digitalpoint

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    Yeah, you probably are going to need to talk to someone familiar with your site and server configuration in order to make it work.
    digitalpoint, Dec 3, 2004 IP