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Selling [Get] Your Website SEO Analysis Report

Discussion in 'Services' started by Shipra Mukhopadhyaya, Jul 11, 2013.



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    Getting backlinks and running an SEO campaign is one thing...
    but are you building backlinks for the RIGHT keywords, in the right amounts, at the right densities, and MOST importantly in the way that Google WANTS to see?

    "So how do we know what Google wants?"
    Easy! Google is SHOWING You exactly what they want. :)

    We dig to find it and "uncover" Google's algorithm for ranking your sites.


    Yes, getting links is super important and is part of all of our SEO plans!
    But there's more to it than that.

    It's now more about getting the right kinds of links, in the right way, with the right keywords, and in the way that Google wants.

    What we have to do is look at what Google is already ranking at the top of its results, and dive in to the linking profiles of THOSE sites.

    More important than ever, you NEED to know what your linking profile looks like... AND the profiles of your competitors. It's the biggest determining factor when it comes to ranking on Google

    If your competitors' sites are ranking in Google, all you have to do is find out what Google likes about those sites' linking profiles, and then do the same thing with your sites... just a little better and with more links.

    Get Your Website SEO Analysis Report Now!

    This Special report "uncovers" Google's algorithm for ranking sites. It shows you what Google thinks is important.

    Get Your Website SEO Analysis Report Now!

    Get Your Website SEO Analysis Report Now!

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