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Get Your Google Sitelink

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by bizcheers, Jun 22, 2010.

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    Have you ever searched for something on Google and the top listing had sub-pages listed for the Website directly under the main listing? Those returned search listing’s are called Sitelinks. In this article I will explore Sitelinks, and most importantly, how you can help Google determine which sub-pages you want for your Sitelink!

    Sitelinks are only displayed on the top listing for any given search. Normally, you will see these when searching for a specific company name.
    Google has indicated that Sitelinks are only displayed if their algorithm can determine which of your pages would qualify for Sitelinks. And it is important to note that Google displays these not for webmasters, but for those using Google’s Search.

    One thing SiteLink web sites have in common is an easy site to navigate. The main categories (useful for site links) are distinguished from other links. In general, your main category pages should appear as links of sites. These broad categories can include your company profile, company history, contact page, etc. If you have a product line of four or five products / services would also be ideal for the site links. From site links depend on a site structure is something we have control.

    To help Google find the pages you want Sitelinked, best practices is a link to these pages twice on every page of your site. Many websites have a navigation structure that points to the left of the main internal pages are fine. But we really want to highlight our most important internal pages even more. Therefore, it is also important to make a link to these pages in the foot. Please visit the link below for example the structure. Product | Product 2 | Product 3 | History | Contact Us Note that each side has a separator. It is very common among the many site links I have seen. If necessary, use two lines to your main category links. There is a limit to the number of sub-pages will be listed on a site link, and what I saw eight is the limit.

    The wording of sub-pages listed SiteLink can be an anchor text, alt text, images, URL and name (ie, a list of widgets to be widgets.htm SiteLink). When you create a page SiteLink friendly, keep in mind these points. The goal is to create consistency. So if you have photos, which is a main link, use the alt text, which is the anchor text of links footer. SiteLink Some queries return a link to the map. One thing is common in these lists is clear and close link to a page that lists the name and address, because it was written on the envelope. Even the font size is bigger then the text on the page and not through the confusion of other ads, or text. How Google Sitelinks fill pages and maps, we can never fully understand. However, we can be strong enough that some conclusions have already observing Sitelinks!
    bizcheers, Jun 22, 2010 IP
  2. manish.chauhan

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    Thanks for these details.
    manish.chauhan, Jun 23, 2010 IP