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Get your business, your relationships and your life in balance

Discussion in 'General Business' started by palmfanatic, Sep 16, 2015.

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    I am a total believer in what I am going to say here . Some of you may think it's total rubbish but I believe it has been and will continue to be one of the reasons for my success .
    You have to do everything properly, be committed and be intentional about what you want to do , in order to get what you want to achieve.
    Let's take your marriage for instance. A lot of people spend months working on and trying to get a date with the girl or guy of their dreams .
    When they win them and get married then they put their feet up think they have hit the jackpot and stop trying, and then all of a sudden they wonder why things are starting to go wrong. Lack of consistency .
    The same may be true for those of us who enjoy fitness. You make the decision to start running , to get fit to work hard. But if you ask the gyms about four weeks after the start of January they are empty again because 99 percent of people will quit , give up and stop doing it. They haven't got the motivation or guess what the CONSISTENCY to keep going daily .
    And so that brings me onto busines .Very very few people remain persistent and consistent every day . Don't get me wrong it takes discipline , hard work and determination .
    That's why you need to follow the right people , work with the right people and hold yourself accountable.
    But the strange thing is if you are with the right people you force yourself to work hard and do the job. If you are with the people who are always taking a break, not being consistent and giving up that's exactly what will happen to you .
    Don't get me wrong , it's not easy at all but put everything you have into everything you have got consistently and you will really start to get some traction
    Believe me as I have seen the results

    palmfanatic, Sep 16, 2015 IP
  2. Alina Podvalnikova

    Alina Podvalnikova Peon

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    Finding balance between the work and your personal life is eternal question. And often personal life and work are perceived as antagonists but the things are not like that, I think. You are completely right when you say that you need to follow the right people, work with the right people and hold yourself accountable as these two parts of your life is interdependent.

    As regards being persistent in your goal, I guess that there definitely should be some space for discipline but my belief is that one should do what he likes to do. Thus you will not have to make yourself do anything, everything is going to come naturally.
    Alina Podvalnikova, Sep 16, 2015 IP