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Get FREE Traffic and Sales - Instant Game Changer !

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by A.I Saikat, Jul 13, 2019.

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    Today I am doing a Case study on how you can generate instant cash which you can spent at the same time.

    Ways to Get Instant Payments :

    There are few options are available on online to get instant payments. If you are an affiliate marketer , then in 0.0001% cases you will approved for instant payments. And if you are newbie, true to say, this is 0.000000% .

    The Only Way to Get Instant Payments is Create Your Own Stuff/Product/Offer.

    The Problem # 1 :

    But Creating your Own product is Very HARD and time Consuming. And the major problem is finding of what you are going to deliver as your product.

    The Problem # 2:

    Traffic ! Suppose You’ve created your own product but where are the traffic/visitors to buy your products/info ? This is the main problem.

    Now Listen My Words :

    Product/Info Creation isn’t soo much hard as you think if you know the trick and use your brain. And Traffic isn’t a problem anymore . Cause Traffic is almost ready if you can do the process correctly. You don’t need any work to drive traffic.

    Sounds Impossible !

    But Now I’m showing you exact way to get instant payments by creating simple info product without working on Traffic. I have made $344 in last 5 days with only single Info product which i made in 2 hours maximum.

    Now Read Every Words : What I have done ?

    The Easiest Way to Make Info Product :
    If You are little bit tricky, then product creation is not hard anymore. It’s very easy.

    Go To Youtube :
    Search on Different Topics
    You will get tons of video
    Watch some videos

    And make turn those combined information into info product in form of ebook, pdf or Video which you prefer most.

    If You want to create info product on Make money niche, then you have to search like these :

    ‘’ How to make money fast 2019 ‘’
    ‘’ Make money with affiliate marketing ‘’
    ‘’ Make money with blogging ‘’
    ‘’ Make money with no website ‘’
    ‘’ How to get free traffic fast ‘’
    ‘’ How to generate lots of leads ‘’
    ‘’ Make money with fiverr ‘’
    ‘’ How to get visitors from facebook, linkedin, twitter ‘’
    ‘’ Make money with weight loss niche ‘’
    ‘’ Make money with eCommerce ‘

    There are lots of information are available on youtube, You just have to grab the info and make your own as form of pdf or video.

    You can create others type of info product also, like ‘’ How to build a website’’ ‘’ Amazon affiliate marketing tutorial ‘’

    I mean there are lots of free info available , So, there’s no difficulty to create any info product.

    It’s super easy.

    NOW Another Tricks :

    Suppose you want to turn videos into PDF form, then I can speed up you in this process.

    TIPS : Try to Grab Information which videos has higher rate of likes. This means people likes the information, so your product quality will high. You will get valuable info to make your info product.

    Now Open some good videos and copy their transcripts in a note pad. Then sit down to format your own PDF file by plus minus the info. Obviously You have to add your own things to make high quality.

    TIPS : I recommend to use Google Docs to Create PDF . It’s very easy to do everything.


    I mean your delivery is complete.


    In order to create sales page, You need website. Oh Really ! You don't need !

    You can use Google Doc to use a create Sales page. Just go to Google Doc and write your sales pitch and use the doc link as your sales page link

    Now Your Delivery and Sales Page is Complete.

    It’s Time to Get Traffic !

    If No one see your Sales Page, then How You can get Sales , Right ?

    Now You will get the Benefit of your Work.

    You will get Highly Highly Highly Highly Traffic at $0 Cost.

    You will expect 10 sales for every 100 visitors to Sales Page.

    You Just have to Show Your Product/Sales Page to Marketplace.

    It can be :


    But as a Starter , You should do it with WarriorPlus.

    Here You find Step by step Guideline on How to List your Offers on WarriorPlus Marketplace.

    How to List Products & Offers on WarriorPlus (And OTOs/Upsells)

    To become a Vendor on WarriorPlus is FREE.

    After Submitting your Offer Request, You will get a Approval Notice via email from W+, Then edit your time and set offer as PUBLIC.

    That’s all.

    You will get Tons of Visitors from W+ Marketplace and getting Sales which will directly added on your PayPal account and you can use those $$$$ instant as your need.

    Do it Whenever you want and enjoy Real Instant Commission !

    Hope you've enjoyed this process.
    A.I Saikat, Jul 13, 2019 IP
  2. A.I Saikat

    A.I Saikat Member

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    If anyone have more questions on this method, feel free to ask. I'll try my best to help.
    A.I Saikat, Jul 13, 2019 IP
  3. mmerlinn

    mmerlinn Prominent Member

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    Why would I want to believe anyone who is TOO LAZY to even PROOFREAD their sales info?
    mmerlinn, Jul 13, 2019 IP
    sarahk likes this.
  4. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    Especially when it looks like a cut and paste job...
    sarahk, Jul 13, 2019 IP
  5. Dan_Nunn

    Dan_Nunn Peon

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    maybe this guy can show his results
    Dan_Nunn, Jul 16, 2019 IP