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Selling [Germany,USA,India] - PaaS / Container-as-a-service - Pay for what you consume - Free $50 Credits

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by ishan, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Hello DP,

    I am Ishan from Leapswitch Networks ( providing Cloud and Hosting since 2006! )

    We have launched a new , never seen before on DigitalPoint , Container-as-a-service offering called CloudJiffy . Watch a 2 minute video

    Current process of setting up a VM/server -
    • Select a plan as per expected usage/traffic
    • Select OS
    • Install Web server
    • Install PHP/Java/NodeJS etc
    • Install database server
    • Configure everything to work with each other
    • Install SSL / LetsEncrypt
    • Secure the server
    Finally, hope that the configuration works, resources will be enough and that the main node doesn't go down.

    How about a revolution in this process ?
    We propose -

    No plan selection - Pay for the CPU/RAM/space that your application actually consumes.

    Easy GUI to select -

    • Load balancer (Litespeed, Nginx, Haproxy, Varnish etc)
    • Web/Application server (Litespeed, Nginx, Apache, Tomcat, Springboot, Node etc)
    • Language (PHP , Java, Python, NodeJS, Ruby, Go with major/minor version)
    • Database (MySQL , Postgresql etc with or without clustering)
    Entire setup automatically installed and configured within 5 minutes, no DevOps knowledge required. All services are setup as different containers on multiple physical servers.

    Interesting ?

    CloudJiffy is based on Virtuozzo 7 / Jelastic and has the following main features -

    • Anything-as-a-service - CloudJiffy will auto-deploy your preferred stack as a highly-available cluster Automatically, within Minutes.
    • Automatic Vertical scaling - Set your container to 128 MB RAM and let it scale upto 128 GB of RAM , as and when required. Perfect option for high-traffic applications.
    • Cloudlets - Containers are set and measured in Cloudlets used - each cloudlet is 128MB RAM and 400Mhz CPU
    • Hourly Billing - Your container(s) are billed per hour, based on number of Cloudlets used.
    • Docker Hub - CloudJiffy connects to Docker Hub so that you can deploy any public or private Docker template.
    CloudJiffy also has a large number of DevOps features -

    • Web SSH - Web based SSH within CloudJiffy portal - No need to use Putty.
    • File manager - Edit config files, application files, upload/remove files and folders within the portal.
    • Statistics - View CPU, RAM, Disk, Traffic stats within CloudJiffy on a per container basis.
    • Logging - View application and container logs within the interface.
    • Clone Environments - Clone running VPS, containers or entire environments.
    • Collaborations- Collaborate with users giving them limited/unlimited access to one or more environments.
    • Alerts - Automated load alerts are setup for each of your containers are configurable through the interface.
    • Horizontal Scaling - Setup triggers and load balancers for automated horizontal scaling.
    Signup for your free 14 day trial here - https://cloudjiffy.com/

    Interested ? Here is how Pricing works -

    Cloudlets - $0.7 onwards per month
    Storage - 20GB SSD Free - $0.03 per GB per month
    Traffic - 1GB / hour Free - $0.03 per GB
    Public IPv4 - $1.5 per month

    Billing is pre-paid via fund addition with a minimum of $10 .

    We are the only Provider on DigitalPoint to bill on Average Actual Resource Consumption, not Plans or Limits. On our normal VPS range, we see 20% Average Actual Resource Consumption, leading to upto 80% cost savings compared to other Cloud/VPS providers.

    Free Credits to use CloudJiffy platform -

    We have 3 exclusive offers for LET -

    1. Get Free $10 credit -
      Process -
      Signup for free trial, click on Upgrade account, enter details and do not pay.
      Click Help > Contact Support and open a ticket referencing this topic for the free credit.
      Credit valid till 31st December 2019
      New clients only

    2. Get Free $50 credit -
      Process -
      Signup for free trial, click on Upgrade account, enter details and do not pay.
      Schedule a demo - Google Meet Demo
      Complete the demo and request the free $50 credit.
      Credit valid till 31st March 2020
      New clients only

    3. Get 100% Bonus -
      Process -
      Add funds to your account and receive 100% bonus till August 31 2019. Request via ticket once added.
      Existing and New clients.
    Datacenter, Server Hardware and Network -

    DE FRA1
    • Frankfurt, Germany based Tier 3 Datacenter
    • Intel Xeon E5 48 vCPU Servers with 256-512GB RAM .
    • 10G network.
    • Enterprise SSD RAID10.
    • 99.99% Network and Power uptime SLA.
    US West1
    • Los Angeles, California based Tier 3 Datacenter
    • Intel Xeon E5 Servers with 256-512GB RAM .
    • 10G network
    • Enterprise SSD RAID10 .
    • 99.99% Network and Power uptime SLA.
    IN West1
    • Pune, India based Tier 3 Datacenter
    • TATA, Vodafone, Airtel and NIXI network.
    • Intel Xeon E5 Servers with 256-512GB RAM.
    • 10G network
    • Enterprise SSD RAID10.
    • 99.99% Network and Power uptime SLA.
    Support options -
    Signup for your free 14 day trial here - https://cloudjiffy.com/

    Payment methods -
    • USD - Major Credit Cards (via Stripe)
    • INR - Credit cards/Debit Cards/Net Banking (Indians, via Instamojo)
    • Check / Cash / NEFT (HDFC, Kotak)
    Why Leapswitch Networks -

    • #1 Company in Pune (top 10 in India) according to number of domains hosted. - 100,000+
    • Registered Pvt Ltd. and Inc - 13th year in business (Since 2006)
    • 24x7 Live Technical Support and Monitoring
    • Fully Owned Hardware - Servers, Power, Network Equipment and IPs - We do not Resell
    • Brand Name Genuine SuperMicro and ASUS Hardware
    • Operations in 19 locations worldwide
    • Serving 20000+ customers from 110+ countries
    We look forward to your questions and feedback!

    ishan, Aug 13, 2019 IP