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Geo-targeting does not remove Country level targetting? What??!!! Overcharged by Goog

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by toritaiyo, Mar 29, 2010.

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    I feel like the wool is being pulled over my eyes

    I setup an Adwords campaign and geo-targeted it using a 5-mile radius around our city.
    I came back a day and a half later and nearly a thousand dollars had been charged in clicks! :-(

    Looking at the terms that triggered the clicks many of the terms had our keywords + other-cities-around-the-country. So obviously it was not targeting only our city.

    I deleted the campaign and contacted Google about a credit (explaining all of the details). I received a reply from a Google employee (a pleasant surprise) and they will give a credit of a few hundred dollars (even more pleasant).

    Still , something does not sit right with me. It should have been targeted and the reply from Google raises that question again in my mind.
    I was told this:
    So they are telling me that, although I did "add" the specific city as a target, the default U.S. targeting was not removed.
    Isn't that a given? If I am targeting a city does that not by default remove the whole US as a target?
    toritaiyo, Mar 29, 2010 IP