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General thoughs about Google Adsense

Discussion in 'Guidelines / Compliance' started by pentium9, Apr 18, 2005.

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    I have some weird thoughs about Google Adsense

    1. Does Google really care about sites that are violating their TOS?

    - I knew some sites that really violates G's TOS, I reported to them but nothing happens, that sites are still running .... 1st weird

    2. There is an ads on Google Adsense about "make $ 50 per click", I saw the ads on this forum i guess. I ran thru it and that guy discloses his Google Report in pictures, included everything considered to be confidential like CTR, Page Impression ... just a capture of a normal report ... 2nd weird.

    3. There is rumor on Internet about an eBook namely "What google adsense never told you". The Author is Joe Commo (or smt like that) he tries to market his book and reveals his tricks how to get $500 per day that makes $15.000 per month. So I dont get the point why he has to write an ebook which brings him only $50 equals to one simple click?????? Ja well! you can say it is additional income, but if you have 15.000 bucks per month, do you bother to write or try to sell smt like that? for me .... I surely dont .... just relax with $500/ day! it is far to much for me???? therefore I doubt his ability to earn such a total amount ..... it leads me to the 3rd weird. :confused:

    4. Let's take the well-known high paying keyword so called "Mesothelioma" which results in your Google adsesne report if someone clicks a single time is $231.77. If you type in Mesothelioma in Google search you will find hundreds of sites that providing information about this topic. Just take a specific number is 500 sites about Mesothelioma and 250 of them are running Google Adsense. Around 125 of them are lucky enough to have their vistors click on ads. Assume the lowest figures are 1000 Page Impression, 0.1% CTR. So down to calculation (which I fond of .... :D)

    1250 (clicks) x $231.77 = $288.750 per day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What the hell people have to deal with Mesothelioma everyday? I never know this word before I joined Goolge Adsense :d. What are the Mesothelioma business? how do they gennerate income to cover this amazingly high cost? if you stand in Financial controler perspective?
    Remember the fact that it costs only $7000 to do a cosmetic operation in Thailand and that operations lasts for at least 7 hours.

    My 4th weird
    pentium9, Apr 18, 2005 IP
  2. Blogmaster

    Blogmaster Blood Type Dating Affiliate Manager

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    haha ... continue here :D <--click my face!
    Blogmaster, Apr 18, 2005 IP
  3. paymentapprovaltooslow

    paymentapprovaltooslow Banned

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    Um there are other very high paying keywords besides mesothelioma..

    but that asside I think this thread is already a dupicate of an existing thread.
    paymentapprovaltooslow, Apr 18, 2005 IP