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Discussion in 'Appraisals' started by Python, Apr 25, 2007.

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    I don't have any plans on selling but I am very interested in knowing the value of my discussion forum, Sokial.

    Here is some information about the site:

    Domain: sokial.com (Miss-spell of social - perfect for social sites :))
    Registered Members: 120+
    Threads: 650+
    Posts: 5,500+
    Average users logging in per day: 16
    Monthly income: ~$30/$40 through Adsense (haven't sold links yet)
    Daily uniques: ~200+

    Here are some graphs to show activity levels over the past few days:

    New users

    Users logging in

    As you can see the site is at a steady activity level and with a little work it could easily be improved and made more active. I have spent exactly $0 on advertising so all word of mouth.

    I am interested in knowing what you think the sites value is. I have been told that the domain on its own could be worth quite a bit.

    Python, Apr 25, 2007 IP