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Selling Gaming League / Ladder - Domain + License Scripts

Discussion in 'Sites' started by zebulon, Apr 6, 2012.

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    EpicLeague.com - Great domain name for its Niche!

    What is Epicleague.com?

    Epic League (EL) is a gaming console and personal computer tournament, league and ladder site where squads, teams or clans compete against each other in their respective games and leagues to earn the top spot.

    Scripts are already loaded with a pay-2-play feature which has paypal intregrated within them.
    Handy for running tournaments at $20 / entry or for paid leagues for a season. Great opportunity to pay for itself!
    It is a stellar domain name for this niche as the gaming communities are exploding in popularity!


    Scripts are from www.eliteladders.com - to view a demo either visit epicleague.com or eliteladders.com/demo/

    The buyer will also receive an additional license and script which is the EGL v2 scripts that is valued at $50 USD for free. You may sell this license at a later date if you choose too.

    Google Adsense is already integrated!

    The scripts come integrated for phpbb3 forum installs, joomla or vbulletin 3.x to 4.x. There is also a great deal of support and other bridges available for this product.
    My forum software (vbulletin) will not be transferred. You are responsible for setting up your own forums (vb, smf, phpbb3, xenforo or etc) -

    What you will receive when you buy this package is:

    - Epicleague.com domain name
    - Eliteladder v3 scripts and licenses
    - Eliteladder v2 scripts and licenses
    - All my photoshop files for the current website and my personal mods
    - Access to the Eliteladder client area for member only addons and mods (also downloads of fresh scripts and updates for the ladder)
    - 1 Year Open Mail Exchange service ( http://www.open-xchange.com/en/ )
    If you have any questions ask them here

    EGL v3 license: $150
    EGL v2 license: $50
    .com keyword domain: $10
    Open Xchange: $25 / year
    Total: $235

    My asking price: $130
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2012
    zebulon, Apr 6, 2012 IP
  2. gallitin

    gallitin Well-Known Member

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    100% - 3
    Is there any traffic currently? Any registered members? Any Revenue?
    gallitin, Apr 10, 2012 IP
  3. zebulon

    zebulon Active Member

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    The traffic is minimal. Roughly 200 UV / mth. The adsense revenue is low as well. If you wish to have screen shots or etc just ask and Ill post them, however, I do not see the need to as the current traffic isn't outstanding.

    As per members there are currently 5 staffers who are willing to stay on the project to run the leagues / tournaments and to produce graphics. (volunteer work - no need for a payroll)

    The reason I am selling my projects is due to a upcoming deployment and I will not have any time to oversee or to invest into it any more for quite some time.
    zebulon, Apr 10, 2012 IP
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