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Fun-captcha . A new way to advertise and earn money

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by fun-captcha, Apr 9, 2019.

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    I would like to introduce you fun-captcha

    What is fun captcha ?

    Fun-captcha is a advertisng platform with captcha

    we display banner and soon logo, and text link in our capcha

    for valid captcha ou must draw the shape in the box

    For advertiser :

    you can display for the moment , banner and website

    from $0.7 for 50 click on banner

    from $0.7 by 1000 view website

    For publisher :

    Display our captcha and earn :

    from $0.01 for click on banner

    From $0.5 by 1000 solved captcha

    we can help you to integrate captcha on your wesite

    For all :

    Earn 10% of the earnings of registered members by your link .

    We display your referal link on all captcha and a valid page.

    We accept all website ( not porn or illegal)

    You can visit me here https://fun-captcha.net/

    I am at your disposal if you have questions
    fun-captcha, Apr 9, 2019 IP