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Fully Outsourced Social Fans Reseller Business - Easy to Run! $4000/month potential!

Discussion in 'Sites' started by milivojac, Apr 6, 2012.

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    UP FOR SALE IS: http://TheFacebookLikes.Net

    PRICE: $75

    What are you bidding on?

    You are bidding on Social Fans Shop a fans/followers/views reseller website. There are practically no other sites that offer ALL 3 of these services so this unique site has massive potential. This site is hosted on a Wordpress blog so making changes is super easy.

    Everything including the payment form is already set up. Simply add your Paypal address and start getting paid right away.

    Why is this business model so profitable?

    You are going be a fans/followers/views reseller. Meaning clients will order fans/followers/views from you and you simply forward their order to the supplier (provider) who will take deliver their order. Super simple and low time investment.

    Social Media is an extremely hot niche right now and an amazing opportunity to claim your portion of the profits. Every business nowadays is rushing to set up their Facebook/Twitter/Youtube campaigns because of all the attention social media marketing has been getting lately. Fan reseller websites are a GOLDEN opportunity for you.

    The cool thing is… you don't really have to do much besides answering questions via emails and updating your clients on their order statuses.

    This is a PROVEN business model, excellent for newbies who are just getting started with making money online! I used be really envious of people who could actually make a decent amount of money online. I tried everything from affiliate marketing to SEO to AdSense, and PPC- and hardly ever any results. I now realize these methods CAN make you money, but they do require a LOT of knowledge and experience (trial and error) before you actually start earning money.

    I actually started making money online when I started reselling fans on my old site... I fell in love with this business model because after a while you start getting repeat clients after a few weeks, so it's less work for more profits! This is because a lot of people who need fans/followers/views from you, are social media marketing anagers with multiple clients.

    What Kind of Profits Will You Make?

    Popular Packages Price Examples:
    1,000 Facebook Fans
    Provider Charge: $40
    Your Sale Price: $89
    Your Profit: $49!

    1,000 Twitter Followers
    Provider Charge: $30
    Your Sale Price: $69
    Your Profit: $39!

    These are the most popular packages that new clients will order. Of course you can price them however you want, but I've tested various prices and have found these pretty effective. Once your clients order through you and trust you, they'll start ordering the bigger packages, and that's when your profits start rolling in on autopilot

    The one you're bidding on now sells fans, followers and youtube views (which are really hot right now if you haven't noticed)… so that will double-triple your profits instantly!
    The time you put in this business pretty much determines how much you make. If you take it seriously, I guarantee you can raise this business to a $4000/month business in 2 months.
    I love this business model because you can get clients IMMEDIATELY and taking orders right away.

    Why Should You Buy “TheFacebookLikes.Net”?
    • Great domain name
    • "Business in a box" - everything is all set up for you to take ownership of and start earning money
    • Offers not just fans but followers, and video views as well... no other site offers all of these!
    • Offers special package deals that increase your customer's order size
    • I actually have lots of experience in this industry and will give you advice that will save you TONS of time, money and frustration than if you bought some other random fan reseller site just cause it has lots of BIN bonuses

    There a lot of fan/follower/views reseller websites, but none that combines ALL THREE types of social media! My old website sold mainly fans, but I always got asked about YouTube views. The Facebook Likes allows you to provide your customers with all 4 types of services simultaneously, as well as give discounts for package deals (and I guarantee clients will ask for them).
    This way, they won’t have to get their fans from one site, followers from another, Youtube views from yet another, so they'll be more likely to use your service.

    I don't know if you'll pay through BIN, but if you do, I will personally coach you to success. I’ll work with you personally over 4 weeks and teach you EVERYTHING I know about making lots of money with this business model. This is what separates this offer from all the other cookie cutter fan reseller sites.
    After 2 months, the business will become pretty automatic to the point where most of your profit will be from clients who have worked with you in the past. This is less work for you so that's why I stress quality fans and great service.

    (By the way any provider that charges less than $40 for 1k fans are probably giving fake fans. You might make more profit upfront, but you end up losing repeat customers due to crappy quality.)
    Note: The testimonials are for design purposes only. You should remove them once the site is transferred.

    What The Winner Will Get:

    • Premium domain name TheFacebookLikes.Net
    • Free domain transfer to your GoDaddy account
    • Complete files, graphics, and content on the The Facebook Likes website
    • List of reliable suppliers, info and pricing
    • Free website transfer to your hosting account
    • 20+ page, comprehensive PDF guide to running a reseller business (no other auction is going to offer you this)
    • 30 day full support and consultation for any questions you may have about the site

    PRICE: $75
    Payment through: PayPal, Western Union, Bank Wire
    milivojac, Apr 6, 2012 IP
  2. seopush

    seopush Peon

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    So if it that simple and that profitable. Why is it only 75 dollars to buy it??
    seopush, Apr 7, 2012 IP
  3. milivojac

    milivojac Active Member

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    What would you expect?! If it has traffic and earnings it will be much more expensive. This way, it`s only $75 for a limited time.
    milivojac, Apr 7, 2012 IP