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Buying FULLTIME SEO ( monthly wage )

Discussion in 'Services' started by oliv3r, Jun 2, 2014.

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    I have a betting website and I am looking for someone that knows seo and marketing so we can grow up in google searches and pagerank.

    You would get a wage of 100$-150$ / month depends on your skills, and after we get results your wage will rise.

    I am looking for seriousness and professionalism.

    Skills required:
    Link Building, SEO
    oliv3r, Jun 2, 2014 IP
  2. netgeek

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    So basically, you want to target betting related terms, earn $15k to $30k per month, and with help of an SEO who charges you $100 to $150 per month ?? If it is true that someone providing service at that price then don't forget he/she could take loan of $600 and make money themselves.

    " I have nothing against the OP but i would like to tell you & other DP'ers that if you are looking for SEO service provider, please understand that the quotes are given according to the keywords which you want to target, and let's say if your SEO service provider is charging you $5k the service provider should explain you the reason for every penny he is charging you. It is obvious that a service provider who is selling $350 or $550 or $5000 seo packages for every/any site is not the person because to rank a site it depends according the niche/market the site belongs and also according to the competition (keywords ) which that particular niche has. "

    @Moderator, i don't mean to hijack this thread, i just wanted DP'ers to know few ways in opting right service provider.

    Tarun Reddy
    netgeek, Jul 2, 2014 IP
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