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Selling Full Time Virtual Assistant starting at $245/Month

Discussion in 'Services' started by aamigallery, Nov 27, 2010.

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    Hello WF members,

    We are an outsourcing company in the India.
    By “outsourcing,” we mean the process whereby businesses partner with outside professionals to delegate routine business activities instead of the business employing its own staff.

    We offer various standard services such as Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing, Blog Creation, Data Research, Sales, Customer Service, HelpDesk, Chat Support you name it, we will have someone for you and the advantage of getting a 2 DAY FREE TRIAL that goes together with your first payment and also getting the lowest rate of $490 a month for a staff member available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week work. We give you access to directly talk and chat with the assistants provided by us.

    VA Types:

    SEO VA : $490 per Month
    SEO/Content VA : $615 per Month
    SEO/Web Developer VA : $880 per Month

    Softwares Available for use:

    All our VA's use SEO software's such as SENUKE, Incansoft's ArticleBot and RSSbot. We also have Market Samurai for Keyword Research and Traffic Travis Pro Edition for Onpage Optimization.

    Are your VA's trained:

    Yes, they are trained on their specific field. But as everyone know, we have different techniques and strategy that we like to implement, so I would like advice that eventhough our VA's are trained, it might take some time to train them and get them up to speed.

    Communication with the VA:

    - Chat (skype, MSN)
    - Email

    - They will send you daily report, plus a time tracking spreadsheet where they note the work they've done every hour.

    How do I get the 2 Day Trial:
    - Unfortunately, because of our experiences with other clients who just want to get the 2 day trial and disappear. We need at least 1 Month upfront payment. On your first Week, you will get 7 working days from the VA, so that is 5 paid days + 2 day trial. On the first 2 days you will get the chance to work with the VA, if you are happy you can continue on. If not we can offer a replacement, or give you the complete refund.

    How do I get started:
    - Drop me a PM with your needs and requirements so we can prepare a VA for you. Depending on the availability you can hire a VA ASAP or at least 24 - 48 hours depending on the availability.
    aamigallery, Nov 27, 2010 IP
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    WF members, we are not WF members here..lol
    coldstorm, Nov 28, 2010 IP