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Full Review For UltimateVaporizers

Discussion in 'SEO' started by Johnuno11, Jun 13, 2018.


Can My Website Improve in Sales Just by looking at website

Poll closed Aug 1, 2018.
  1. 1) Yes it can and aleady looks like you get the point

    1 vote(s)
  2. 2) No - You need help, you gotten lucky from the amount of sales it gets

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  3. 3) Maybe after you change a little git around on the site

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  4. 4) 1 and 3 are my answers - You already get the point but few things need done.

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  1. #1
    Hello DP'ers ,
    Posting this to find out what everyone thinks about site https://ultimatevaporizers.com
    Site always needs a lot of work.
    On-site SEO
    • I tried to minimize the amount of categories with no products
    • I added a blog
    • Daily Posting Of High Quality Content with Important keyord.
    • Added FAQ page
    • Custom placed Video to under pictures
    • Made an ADD TO CART Sticky
    • Added customer images that will resize automatically to browser size for mobile friendly
    • Site map automatically updates well
    • Syndicated blog free to curators
    • Done lots of sponsored and guest blog posts
    • Niche relevant ABC linking
    • Implemented all HTML5 Semantic tag identifiers for easy translation of Search Engines
    • Highly niched and hard-to-find blog commenting sites who allow you to post
    • Review website blogging
    • Local citation sites
    • Web 2.0 Sites
    • optimized All Social Media Page(haze plugin to simultaneously add my new products added, special deals)
    • Every product has over 1,000+ keywords, all unique description focusing on one main keyword + sub keywords as well as LSI keywords
    • Added descritpion with all categories
    • Done over 180 hours of off-page SEO - link out reach, link building, sponsored posts
    • Press Releases to new product launches
    • Posted unique reviews on PB network
    I clearly understand people will bash my website. Before you do that you need to understand I've been doing this for over 15 years. I keep up with new design codes and SEO changes. Ideology is to constantly add new content (unique) daily, new products, syndicate to social media. Main strategy is to create a sponsored post similar to a post I've already made so on-site blog is really important for me to have.
    I'm looking for people to post good and bad comments. I'm open to all feedback.
    Johnuno11, Jun 13, 2018 IP
  2. Johnuno11

    Johnuno11 Well-Known Member

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    I forgot to add I also did the latest HTML semantic coding. This is also similar to using Google Tag manager. This will automatically identify with the daily Google Crawler that comes over 30 times a day on my website. This is a real good thing for anyone to learn that has no idea what its purpose is. The Purpose of it is for not only Google technology but over hundreds of different search engines, software, programs, audio tools and much more to identify my sites purpose, sectioning, and content instantly every time it gets crawled.
    Johnuno11, Jun 14, 2018 IP
  3. Brad Batborf

    Brad Batborf Greenhorn

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    My recommendation would be to build more content surrounding "v2 pro series 3", which has 10,000 monthly searches, a keyword difficulty of 5, and you currently rank 31st for. Building a piece of content surrounding this one item, along with gaining backlinks to the content piece, should boost your monthly organic search traffic from 950'ish to 5500'ish. That search term looks to be the lowest hanging fruit. Hope this helps.
    Brad Batborf, Jun 19, 2018 IP
  4. Euphoria

    Euphoria Active Member

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    Great read in your part. Your advice is very good for anyone that is looking to push a product . I'm a close partner with John and can give you some info on his keyword targeting strategy. Although I see a point made here in your strategy, John is targeting the best general keywords which focus the marijuana industry. Marijuana vaporizers and all related phrases + LSI phrases are the best to focus on.
    His starting rule is to choose one that speaks for all the pages , products, categories.
    Based on his experience in e-commerce, he knows the first thing to focus on the most important way to get a sale, keyword user behavior.
    You can say that most people that want to buy something today will want to keyword in the term for sale.
    To dominate sales quickly, this will give you the building block keyword structure for the entire business.--->
    1) dominate terms "for sale" and inflates
    "vaporizers" <--- this is the most popular general word and is the product being sold.
    This will make it to where he gets the best conversion rates since these words are people highly interested in making a purchase.
    Each product added to the site gets John's SEO love and attention. They are optimized with Rich content set up to trap the visitor. Content Product Trapping is to provide every possible fact and detail so the customer has no questions or ideas to press the back button.
    2) New product added gets 2 days of strong emphasis and focus on building few powerful links and blasting it viral.
    - Once this is done the product will still become included within review posts on blogs, news sites and press releases related to industry.
    3)Special Products get lots of attention and never become obsolete in Mr Monti's strategy.
    4) POTENTIAL HOT PRODUCTS - Our favorite strategy that requires special contacts or persistent involvement with each manufacturer. Goal here is to rank this product #1 before it is released to the public. This is found through lots of experience and industry wisdom. Just look at the Haze Square vaporizer . John was one of very few aware of this 1 year before launch and now is banking in his work.

    In the end there are many structures to build in a never ending cycle of building the foundation to your money making machine. Just know that the v2 pro brand is a popular product, but the low profits put it at the lower priority level. Eventually it will become number 1. John has the gift that turns a $7 domain into a million dollar industry leader. This is one out of 3 of his newest projects. Best advice I can give is to always be aware of your industry. If you are Like @Johnuno11 , you will become a leach to the manufacturers that know how to market and promote their products. giving plenty of hype to use their publicity and stronghold the #1 spot. Price MAP items are a favorite. Premium Products always need to carry this trait , helping you avoid getting undercut while keeping fakes away.
    Euphoria, Jun 27, 2018 IP