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FSB Speed and RAM Speed Comparing Laptops

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by KingJim, Jul 17, 2008.

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    Hey all:

    Comparing 2 systems here and it brings up some technical questions I have been curious about:


    On the left we have 667mhz FSB with 2mb cache and on the right 800mhz FSB with 3 meg cache
    Both systems come with 667 mhz memory.

    Firstly Does having a higher fsb help when the memory is 667? Does it slow down to the slowest component? And is there an advantage to having a 3 meg cache over 2?

    The second system does have a faster cpu which I guess is an advantage but the fsb speed and cache size have me wondering.
    A technical answer to my question would be highly appreciated.
    KingJim, Jul 17, 2008 IP
  2. xxxneo

    xxxneo Active Member

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    Well I can't answer much technical :eek:.

    It looks the second one with higher price could be a little faster pc,but again it depends what is your need,if you don't need much power,and space it is better to save some money, my suggestion would be that.:rolleyes:
    xxxneo, Jul 17, 2008 IP