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Free Traffic Method - Document Sharing Sites

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by theAlchemist2012, May 7, 2012.

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    Document sharing sites are a little-known tactic for extreme traffic
    generation, and should not be overlooked in your marketing arsenal. These
    sites allow you to upload content in the form of PDF or Word documents,
    and can then be indexed by search engines and start receiving targeted
    organic traffic. Many of these sites are PR4 and higher, so the chance
    to receive traffic from them is very good. Also, Google seems to LOVE
    the “link juice” from these sites :cool:

    Here’s a list of some of the most popular document sharing sites. Just sign
    up for an account with each one:

    ● AuthorStream.com
    ● Docstoc.com
    ● Scribd.com
    ● Calameo.com
    ● Yuku.com
    ● Issuu.com

    What’s great is, you can simply re-purpose the content you create for your
    video slideshows AND the content you create for your quality forum posts -
    and turn them into PDF documents to share online!

    Very little extra effort here to make this work. You can even hire content
    writers to create articles for you, which you then take and just turn them
    into PDFs (after adding a link to your squeeze page and/or Youtube video)
    and then upload them one by one. Just visit the link in the NOTE below if
    you want to see the power of this method.

    Here is the process you would follow:

    1. Open up a new document in either Microsoft Word or Google
    Docs. Copy the content you compiled for your videos into this new
    document. Format it properly so it is easy to read, and then proofread
    it for errors or mistakes.
    2. Somewhere in the document, add a hyperlink to a relevant video of
    yours, and also a link to your list-building squeeze page.
    3. Export the document as a PDF.
    4. Upload to all the sites listed above.
    5. Watch the traffic to begin to happen!
    6. Rinse and repeat.

    This method will start to generate ongoing, long-term and consistent
    traffic to the pages that you link to within your document. If you
    include a link to a Youtube video or your website in each PDF, you’ll
    get the added SEO benefit of the powerful “link juice” that comes
    from these high PR sites, which will cause your page or video to rank
    much higher in the SERPS. Just repeat this process for ANY kind of
    content that you create that can be turned into a PDF!
    theAlchemist2012, May 7, 2012 IP
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    thanks sharing with us.
    I wanna try later.
    uoftenwinny, May 9, 2012 IP