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Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by Michael, Sep 13, 2007.

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    I just wrote the following and then realized it is not really suitable for my blog. If anyone would like to make good use of it and publish it please do.

    - Michael

    Dazed and Confused

    What do the following websites have in common and why? aninconvenientemail.org, babysafetraining.com, buynowmedia.com, communications-agency.com, elite-eventz.com, eventmerchandising.com, flairmotion.com, futurefirstuk.com, gilevlive.com, harveygoldsmith.com, hebrewear.com, kfcashandcarry.com, linen4hire.com, linenforhire.com, linenforsale.com, live-ep.com, liveevents-uk.com, liveeventsandproductions.com, mediconnectrecruit.com, northfieldlinen.com, snowglobes-r-us.com, supersolly.com, torchlightmusic.com, viproperties.net.

    The answer is that they have all been virtually unreachable for two days because they are hosted on the same server as ahmettribute.com.

    None the wiser? Well ahmettribute.com is the site where you can enter a ballot for tickets for the Led Zeppelin reunion gig to be held at the O2 arena in London, England on 26th November.

    The promoter claims that 20 million fans have tried to register for the ballot causing the server and the internet service provider's network to collapse.

    Only someone who doesn't understand how the internet works would simply place a website on a shared server with 24 other sites when it was predictable that it would be so massivly hit.

    However the person responsible may have excelled themselves with another gross misjudgment. Those who do mange to get through and register for the ballot receive a confirmation email from the address . If you email , as tens of thousands will, you receive a bounce back "550 <webmaster@website.com>: Recipient address rejected: unknown user". Whois shows the website.com registrant as Hitstation Communication Ltd. based in Burnaby, Canada.

    So they are using someone elses domain to avoid handling any emails! Whoever set this up is like the title of the Led Zeppelin song "Dazed and Confused".

    Michael, Sep 13, 2007 IP
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  2. tushardhoot1

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    Posted on my blog, Monkey Sources.

    It wasn't frequently updated for a while, but I plan to work on it more now. Rep added.
    tushardhoot1, Sep 13, 2007 IP