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Selling [Free service] Run an online competition to get traffic and newsletter subscribers

Discussion in 'Services' started by MarbleHost.com, Aug 22, 2015.

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    I have spent 6 months of full time coding to develop an online competitions directory called RevPlaza (http://www.revplaza.com/us/). The main purpose of this website is to offer some new, unique features to the users who participate in the online competitions regularly. However, it also offers a free tool for competition organizers which makes possible to run your own online competition very easily.

    Now I am at the point when I need to test all features to make sure that everything works perfectly. For this reason I am looking for 5 testers.

    What can I offer to the testers?

    I will promote your online competition for free. Since I need to test not only if you, the competition creator, understand how the competition creation tool works, but also need to make sure that everything is user-friendly for the competitors. For this reason, both of us, me and you, want the most traffic possible for your competition. So I will submit your competition to as many online competitions directories as possible.

    What are the benefits of running your own online competition

    1. You get some traffic.

    2. You can require that the competitors answer some question (so they need to find the answer on your website) or like/follow/share... your website/FB page/Twitter account... You will also get emails of the competitors so if you state in the competition rules that they have to agree to receive your newsletter in order to enter the competition you will also get newsletter subscribers (they have to verify their emails by clicking a confirmation link so you can be 100% sure all email addresses are correct).

    What I expect from the testers?

    1. You create a competition using RevPlaza. The prize for your competition do not need to be nothing expensive, lets have in the mind that even though your competition will have very good promotion, the traffic will not be so high as will be after a few weeks when I will start to promote RevPlaza which will mean more direct traffic.

    2. When your competition finishes, you will give me a feedback. I would like to hear from you what is in your opinion the strongest point of the service and what is the weakest point.

    How to become a tester?

    Please send me a PM and I will discuss the details with you. Right now I need only 5 testers so this offer is valid for 5 first people who contact me.

    Thanks for reading!
    MarbleHost.com, Aug 22, 2015 IP
  2. 24Hours

    24Hours Member

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    I have to tell you, I really like the idea and the site. Personally, I would take off the advertising because I think it cheapens it and makes it look like it isn't headed for real success. I think you have excellent potential and should aim high and classy without looking like you are willing to splatter ads around in the hopes of making a few dollars. Good luck, it's very nice!
    24Hours, Aug 22, 2015 IP
  3. MarbleHost.com

    MarbleHost.com Well-Known Member Affiliate Manager

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    Hello 24Hours,

    Thank you for your feedback! Your suggestion is something to consider. After the first weeks of testing I will have enough data regarding monetization so I will see if the website has a chance to be profitable even without the ads.
    MarbleHost.com, Sep 1, 2015 IP