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Selling FREE Professional Logo Design Service: Get a HIGH QUALITY logo design for $0. Limited-Time.

Discussion in 'Design' started by DearaDesigns, Oct 17, 2018.

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm here to offer two things for free:

    - A High-Quality FREE Logo Design (check my portfolio here)
    - A sincere encouragement to unleash your potential as a human being.

    What You Get
    - 1 Professional Logo Design
    - Vector EPS file
    - High-Quality JPG
    - Transparent PNG file
    - Full ownership of the design

    It’s free, meaning the price is $0.

    How it Works
    It’s an easy 3-step process:

    1. Go here. Enter the contest and perform at least one of the following actions:
    - Join facebook group
    - Follow on Twitter
    - Follow on Instagram

    2. Send me a screenshot as proof to verify that you completed the action. You can post the screenshot on this thread, or send it through private message.
    Along with the screenshot, please provide the following information so that I can get started with your logo:
    - Company Name
    - What You Do (What is your business about?)
    - Target Market (Who’s Your audience?)
    - What kind of logo layout you prefer:
    • A letter based logo (lettermark) e.g. HP, Mc. Donald’s...
    • An icon-based logo (brandmark) e.g. Twitter, Apple...
    • A name based logo (namemark) e.g. Facebook, Google...
    - Color Preference.
    - Any other useful information (e.g. if you already have any ideas in mind for the design)

    3. I will create a professional logo and deliver all design files within 48 hours. You will have full ownership of the design.

    Q: Why are you working for free?
    I fully support HighExistence’s mission.
    I am participating in an epic contest they’re running. It’s unlikely that I win, but it’s fun to participate because I’m interested in spreading the word.

    I’m giving free logo designs as a motivator for others to engage.

    Q: Why should I care?
    Everyone dreams of a better life, but few people are actually willing to take decisive action to change their deeply ingrained patterns of thought and behavior.

    Few are willing to consistently disrupt their comfort zone by trying on new modes and methods of living.

    Yet this is what you need to learn to do if you want to seize the opportunity of life.

    You need to become an expert in self-experimentation and self-reinvention.

    What Does it Really Take to Do This? Your life is limited only by how much you know and how freely you can imagine. Expand your knowledge, unleash your imagination, and you will transform your life.

    HighExistence’s articles opened up a world which I couldn’t see before. My intention is to share with you the little corner of the internet that changed my life.

    Q: What if I’m not interested in the mission?
    A: If you don’t care about personal development and life success, and only seek immediate gratification...you’ve still got nice incentives to get you going: a free logo design and a chance to win a cool t-shirt when entering the contest through the provided link. It’s a bit superficial but no less fun :)

    Q: How much time will you put on my design?
    A: It is relative to the amount I can handle. I am doing this out of my free time, and there are limited hours in the day. My promise is that I will put my best efforts in every time allotted to each design. I would roughly estimate that it would come down to 20-40 mins per design.

    Q: Can I get a revision for free?
    A: You get 1 revision if you additionally perform at least one of the following actions:
    - Share on Facebook
    - Share a photo on Instagram
    - Retweet a tweet

    If you’ve got any further questions, I’m at your disposal.

    PS: Only the following of real social accounts are accepted. The deal is not valid for fake accounts or bots.
    DearaDesigns, Oct 17, 2018 IP