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Selling Free Online Games Site – Made over $1,300 last month

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Alex060985, Jul 17, 2013.

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Aug 7, 2012
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  1. #1
    GamesRhino.com is a free online games site which is designed to offer gamers the chance to play the best free online games without the need to sign up or download anything that they won’t already have installed on their computer.
    The site is based on WordPress which not only makes the site easy to maintain, update and control but also means that the scope to which you can build this site out is only limited by the coding ability of your developer due to the base being coded in PHP and HTML.
    The site uses freeware games to populate the site, which at the moment are manually added to the site to ensure that I am able to maintain a high standard of games that are being added to the site, so the thought of using gamepacks to populate the site has never interested me due to content duplication issues that come attached with their usage.
    The site was originally PlayVille.org but following a decision to rebrand the site, the original domain was 301 redirected into GamesRhino.com and the site was built on top of the foundation that came with the previously established website.

    Site Traffic and Earning Details
    The site has a good standing in the organic search engine results presently and as well as the click through from the search engines, the site does receive a fair amount of click through traffic which is based on the sponsorship of a flash game that was later used by many other online arcades and the title has seen a good number of gameplays since release, however at that time we did not install tracking into the flash file before distribution and so there is no way to be able to determine the exact number of plays since creation.
    Since the site was created in March 2013, the site has seen a total of 457,511 visits and carries an average time on site of 3 minutes 20 seconds, which is above average when comparing the site to other sites that are not niche specific (don’t focus on just one category of games).
    I have attached a verified Google Analytics report to the listing so that you can see the information that could be interesting to you.
    As mentioned, the site was created in March 2013 and had the 301 redirect created from PlayVille at that point, meaning that the site was earning from the moment that it was released and since that moment the site has made $4265.24 which is broken down as:
    March - £183.42
    April - £462.23
    May - £599.65
    June - £864.97
    July (to date) - £687.01
    Why am I selling?
    I started this site as a way to be able to break free from other projects for a while however following a chance to forge a partnership with someone that is established in a market that I am interested in, I need to raise the capital to be able to buy in as soon as possible.
    The only reason for the sale of this site is that I need a lump sum in order to make that happen and I do not have the time allow the income to drip into my account over the next few months and with my time set to be taken up with that partnership, further development of the site would be slow at best.

    What is included in the sale?
    Due to the site being a rebrand of PlayVille.org I want to make sure that the site maintains the foundation on which it is built for the new owner, so I will be including the following into the sale:

    • GamesRhino.com – Site and all that comes with running it
    • Free Hosting For 3 Months – allows you time to source your own
    • The domain PlayVille.org which is 301’d into the site at this time due to the game sponsorship (game can be seen here)
    • Email / Skype Support for 1 month
    • I will show you how to source games using Google Chrome browser

    Site Information
    • 218 games
    • Ability to publish ROM enabled emulator games like on OldGamz.com
    • 175,000 Unique Visitors since creation through organic search, others through direct and referral traffic
    • Only ever had £25 Adwords PPC advertising
    • Unique site design and logo
    • All descriptions unique to GamesRhino.com
    • Based on WordPress CMS
    • High PR Links placed into site (PR7 and PR5) which will reflect on next PR Update
    • Various high traffic keyword rankings

    Price Information
    As you can see from the Adsense proofs that have been uploaded to the listing, the site has continued to increase in revenue each month that the site has been live and that will continue should you continue to update the site with new games and will really come into a new level of revenue if you have the money to promote the site with link building efforts.
    Due to the earnings that the site has seen during the time above, I have set a reserve price onto the auction in order to protect myself from selling the site too cheap and I would prefer to keep the reserve price private for the time being.

    To place a bid or see traffic and earning proof, please visit this link.
    Alex060985, Jul 17, 2013 IP
  2. PinoyIto

    PinoyIto Notable Member

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    100% - 4
    will you please post proof of traffic and earnings
    PinoyIto, Jul 17, 2013 IP
  3. Alex060985

    Alex060985 Member

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    Traffic and earnings can been seen on the attachments of the auction, just follow the link at the end of the sales thread.
    Alex060985, Jul 17, 2013 IP
  4. umerrock

    umerrock Member

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    Tell me your reserve price, i want to buy quickly, i don't like bidding....
    umerrock, Jul 18, 2013 IP
  5. AGKnow

    AGKnow Active Member

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    look like that traffic down - from SEs
    AGKnow, Jul 23, 2013 IP