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FREE Marketing Automation Tool - Email, SMS, funnels

Discussion in 'Products & Tools' started by CreditFamily, May 19, 2020.

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    Providing a few free accounts to an online enterprise marketing automation tool.

    This tool allows you to build drag and drop marketing automation campaigns for SMS, Email, Website funnels, and more
    I'm providing access for free in exchange for feedback on any issues, bugs, your experience, etc as a tester. Please post a message and send me a PM with contact details if interested.

    Who is this good for;

    1) People who build or market using website funnels. Web designers and marketers
    2) People that need a way to process funnel data/leads in nurture campaigns and marketing automation
    3) People that need segmentation and personalization of marketing
    4) Email and SMS marketing

    You connect your own sms accounts (twilio, plivo, etc) and email service providers. Limited spots available
    CreditFamily, May 19, 2020 IP
  2. susiparker

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    Amazing! Marketing automation tools are really useful for email marketing and for building a healthy sales funnel. I have used these tools to run multiple campaigns and it has helped me get better results.
    susiparker, Sep 29, 2020 IP