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Free Guest Post at Dofollow Contextual Link PR6 with DA/PA 77/50

Discussion in 'Link Development' started by apt-get update, Jan 9, 2014.

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    Hi, are you bored seeing me again and again :D
    Now I will tell you how to get Free Guest Post at Dofollow Contextual Link PR6 with DA/PA 77/50. Ok, let's do this quickly:

    1. First, you need to register at hxxp://www[dot]lomography[dot]com/homes/blogs with your valid email off course.

    2. Open your email and verify.

    3. Log in to your account and click at Create New Blog Entry.
    4. Submit your article in body area, maybe 300-500 enough.

    5. How to insert like and anchor text? Please note this, at here you will not insert your links and anchor text with standard hyperlink format like <a href.... But you must use this format: ["your keyword":hxxp://yourdomain.com]

    6. Click Create.


    1. You can edit your articles anytime you want.

    2. Your post will never be delete with admin or anyone. Need proof? see at hxxp://www[dot]lomography[dot]com/homes/lemanolakinevil/blog?page=25 and what's your opinion with that article? He post since March 13th 2013 with article like that and not getting delete until now.

    3. You can insert just links, but I'm not recommend that because I believe search engine like contextual links much than poor and shitty links :)

    4. If you want your backlinks index fast, you can use social button share at your article or you can use social bookmark, ping, etc. I believe you know well what should you do :)

    My motto is "Start Sharing, not Selling" so I'm sorry if you're will see me much time at many thread :).
    apt-get update, Jan 9, 2014 IP
  2. hope2life

    hope2life Active Member

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    Such free to submit content sites are nothing more than article directories which are being devalued by google for links acquired from them.
    Now only high quality links are counted where there is editorial value. But of course something is better than nothing. So having a link from such sites is better than not having at all.
    hope2life, Jan 9, 2014 IP