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Free Comment System, BUT...

Discussion in 'Programming' started by cuzsis, May 1, 2012.

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    Hi Folks,

    I'm looking for some free comment code (to create a comment system) for the website I'm building. There's lots of good options out there, but I'm looking for one that does two things.

    1) I want to have authority/access over the comment database (or however the comments are being stored, I'm not particular.) I'm not keen on having it on someone else's server/database on a different site, as I want to make sure it doesn't disappear or get edited without my permission. I know this might seem a little odd, but hopefully not so odd no one has done it before. If I can't do that, at least some serious assurance that my saved comments aren't messed with.

    2) (And this is the essential one) I want to have access to the comment program code so I can make changes. This is more than simple CSS style "I want to change the font!" changes. I want to be able to influence whether or not a comment gets posted, return information on the length of the comment to other areas of the site to run other programs ect... I need to access to the guts somehow.

    3) Comment system needs to not have a limitation on comments posted (part of the reason for #1, and wanting it on the same sever as my webpage.)

    I've found several possibilities while googling, but instead of messing with them all one-by-one or building my own (and the rather large time sink that would be) I thought I would ask around first in case anyone knew one off the top of their head, or had any suggestions! :) I'm new to comment systems for sites, so if it's newbie friendly that's a plus. But I'm more than willing to suss it out myself if need be (and it's shorter than learning to code my own, lol!)
    cuzsis, May 1, 2012 IP