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Free Cell Phone Web Directory Accepting and Approving 100 Links in 36 Hours

Discussion in 'Solicitations & Announcements' started by maximumprofit, Jul 5, 2010.

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    Hi there, I have successfully established a web directory which is now accepting links, particularly cell phone links.

    Do take note that this is a FREE web directory, and reciprocal links are NOT REQUIRED.

    Details of the web directory are listed below:
    Link: http://www.cool-phones.info/

    Link Submit: http://www.cool-phones.info/submit.php (please use this link for faster link submissions)

    I accept most links, particularly links on cell phones, as I hope to focus the directory on the cell phone category. Spam links or links with badly written descriptions might be rejected.

    Also, please comment here if you like the web directory, and if there are areas that I can improve on, positive and constructive remarks are appreciated – derogatory or hateful remarks not appreciated.

    And if you don’t like the web directory for any reasons, please do not submit your links to the web directory.

    I will do my best to moderate at least 100 quality links, with good descriptions, in the first 36 hours, as this is a human moderated web directory.

    Thank you and waiting for your link submissions!
    maximumprofit, Jul 5, 2010 IP
  2. donttrustthisposter

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    Not seeing a cell phone niche directory? Looks like a general directory...

    Would assume a cell phone niche would have cell phone related categories. I say this because I almost didn't click on the link and don't want you missing submissions/etc. That said best of luck and you should probably have a cell phone category on the home page.
    donttrustthisposter, Jul 5, 2010 IP