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Selling FREE App Development Service. Max client 1 per month

Discussion in 'Programming' started by stellah57, Feb 2, 2019.



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    We are a small group of developer who's on the process to make our presence in the Application Development Business. In order to showcase our capability, we has a policy of minimal 1 Free Project per month. This project will then be posted on our PORTFOLIO.
    Here's the detail:
    1. We make you 1 Mobile Application for both platform, Android and IOS. The apps would be Native and NOT an Hybrid one.
    2. If you interested, make a post in this thread, DON'T POST YOUR IDEAS HERE, or everyone and their dog will jump on that niche.
    3. After you make a post, You can then message me about the BRIEFEST SUMMARY of your app to me via PM, DON'T POST YOUR DETAILED IDEA JUST YET, BE BRIEF TO WHAT MAIN FUNCTIONALITY OF THE APP YOU WANT TO BUILD.
    4. After a client is selected, I will announce in this thread and tell everyone who's got picked as our this month's Lucky client, Then you can inform us your detailed Idea via email or preferably SKYPE.
    5. If you intend to use FIREBASE for your App, then the chance you'll get pick is even better.
    6. If the app you want to build requires it's own API and Database, we can make one using Laravel, and deploy them unto your server, and if you need an admin dashboard for you app, we will build it using VueJS or Angular (We will choose whether it is Vue or Angular).
    7. We will only build the app for one who'll be the OWNER... Don't dare try to resell our service.
    8. You should Agree to let us showcase the App as part of our portfolio on our website.
    9. If you think the app satisfies your desired, you can write a testimony about us, just as if it's not a free service, but your testimonial is NOT MANDATORY. If you doesn't wish to testify, than it's cool with us.
    10. The App will be written in Dart Language, using Google's Flutter Framework.
    11. You will be handled the final APK after final testing, if you don't have google developer account, we can publish it using ours. (Though I doubt that our director will choose you if you don't even have google developer account).
    12. That's all, if you have any questions just post it in here...

    stellah57, Feb 2, 2019 IP