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Free and paid Hosting company

Discussion in 'Websites' started by s-z1, Jul 7, 2013.

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    offering free & paid hosting & domains
    Hello i would like a review of the design of the site and if possible a review of the free services & paid, if this is in the wring part of the forum admins plz move to the appropriate page.
    I would add mor information but dont want to sound like i am advertising the site, the site name is


    feedback would be most appreciated, and before any says i am going to change the try free picture as it makes it sound like a trial which it is not, the free domains and hosting services are free forever, we work on the hope that a user may recommend a friend to our paid services or buy some paid services them selfs.
    thank you
    s-z1, Jul 7, 2013 IP
  2. Slincon

    Slincon Well-Known Member

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    My 2 cents (I see you're using a reseller template from runhost), but I'd recommend changing your logo to something cleaner and that matches the green design. I'd also probably increase the call to actions or edit the template a bit to make it a little different than other resellers.
    Slincon, Jul 7, 2013 IP
  3. qwikad.com

    qwikad.com Prominent Member Affiliate Manager

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    Agree with the poster above, you need to totally change your logo. Anything after logo looks professional. I'd also change the transparent background in your drop-down menus. Hard to read the links.
    qwikad.com, Jul 7, 2013 IP
  4. s-z1

    s-z1 Member

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    thank you for the feed back : )
    s-z1, Jul 8, 2013 IP