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Forum User Solution

Discussion in 'PHP' started by Xifyhosting, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Forum User Solution

    Posted on July 28, 2011 by NukeZilla
    First of i like to thank Djekl for helping me connecting it to the database credit goes to him.

    SMF api: http://pastebin.com/dSjJ1cKR

    Mybb api: http://pastebin.com/AZcvsB3S
    I had that uploaded into a new folder in forum called api.

    IPB API: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4451-forum-user-solution-ipb-api-system/ script is here http://pastebin.com/JGDE98z7
    How to use:

    Upload Forum
    Create a new folder in forum root called api (or what ever)
    Create new file call it index.php
    copy the coding to the new file

    Then head to the forum and then add this api/?=username

    so like this. www.forum.com/api/?=username or wwww.forum.com/forum/api/?=username

    I will convert this later to phpbb and vb later. IPB has been submitted and hopefully gets confirmed soon. if you need any help post here and i will be happy to help you.


    Xifyhosting, Sep 20, 2011 IP